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Thinking Inside the Cabinet Box

In the bustling, beautiful world of kitchen design & remodeling, the secret sauce is all about masterfully weaving together style and functionality.

Here at The Cabinet Nerd, I am thrilled to stop, collaborate and listen (If you got that, then you're my people) with bold interior designers, mid-luxury homeowners and dedicated remodelers to transform awkward spaces in to functional kitchens that tell a custom-tailored story.

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Creativity | Collaboration | Customization

Design Anywhere, Anytime

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Embarking on a kitchen design adventure should be as boundless and exhilarating as your imagination allows. Why box yourself into the old-school ways when the entire world of inspiration is at your fingertips, ready to be explored together?


At The Cabinet Nerd, I'm not just about designs; I'm about stories. With my contemporary online consultations  and 24/7 accessible cloud-based client portal, we're turning the design process into a thrilling journey you can embark on from the comfort of your favorite nook while sipping your favorite beverage. (Really! I want you to take a moment and be somewhere inspiring every time we meet.) All it takes to bring your vision closer to reality is a simple click.

Wave a cheerful goodbye to the days of battling traffic and watch as your creative genius flourishes on your own schedule. With The Cabinet Nerd, its not just about shaping a kitchen; it's about crafting a space that bursts with your unique charm and sophistication- effortlessly and conveniently.

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Creativity | Collaboration | Customization

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A Kitchen That Speaks "You"

In the world of The Cabinet Nerd, I believe a kitchen should do more than just dazzle the eyes- it should resonate with your soul and dance to the rhythm of your life's drumbeat!


Kitchens are no longer just showpieces; they are your personal sanctuaries where functionality meets passion. 

Every kitchen I touch is a fresh start, an unwritten story waiting for your dreams to splash color, texture, balance and scale across its potential. Your desires, your habits, your quirks- they all matter here.

From perfecting the pinnacle of pantries to hand-picking the quintessence of quartzite, The Cabinet Nerd is your co-conspirator in ensuring that your kitchen echoes your uniqueness-in every nook, cranny and cabinet.

Armed with the crème de la crème of design tech, my 20/20 rendering and visualization tools, prepare to be whisked away on a visual journey. 

With me as your guide, watch in awe as your culinary castle takes virtual shape, paving the way to reality- one pixel at a time, before a tile is ever laid.

At The Cabinet Nerd, I'm not just making kitchens; I'm tailoring dreams with you, for you.

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Creativity | Collaboration | Customization

Expertise Meets Passion

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I've got this thing for kitchens. And by "thing", I mean a love for the heart of the home that runs deep; refined through a 20-year journey of learning from every "oops" to ensure your "wow".

Working alongside industry-leading partners like Bellmont Cabinets & Mydoma Studios, and soaking in  the innovation at KBIS, North America's premier kitchen and bath event, keeps my edge honed. But let's talk stories, shall we? Transforming your kitchen vision into a tangible, flawlessly organized reality is where my heart beats the loudest.

With precision, I measure every inch of your space and listen intently to weave your daily rituals into the blueprint. As a proud member of and adherent to the National Kitchen & Bath Association's comprehensive guidelines, your space is not just design- it's sculpted with expertise.

And for my tribe of fellow designers and remodelers, consider The Cabinet Nerd's Peer Review your insurance policy. It's your trusty toolkit to polish those final cabinetry orders and side-step any installation day snags.

Together, we'll cook up a kitchen that's not only tailored to the letter but also sings your unique song with every drawer pull and cabinet moulding. 

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Creativity | Collaboration | Customization

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You can't decorate 
your way out of
bad architecture.
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Creativity | Collaboration | Customization

Current Projects

Picture this: Your kitchen, the backdrop of your life's most flavorful moments, designed by The Cabinet Nerd. Each project blends a vision, your vision, with Jamie's magic to craft spaces that are uniquely you—bursting with style, functionality, and personal stories. Imagine a kitchen where every detail reflects your lifestyle, a space you'll love to live in. 

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Creativity | Collaboration | Customization

How it works

Design is a lot like baking a cake; you need to have the right ingredients, in the right order, for the right amount of time.




Design Creation

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Creativity | Collaboration | Customization

Client Testimonials

At The Cabinet Nerd, Jamie works side-by-side with you, transforming your kitchen stories into reality, but don't just take my word for it! Clients have said, "Jamie's  knowledge, creative problem solving skills and a great eye for design are an asset to every client she works with!"  Begin your unique design adventure with The Cabinet Nerd and together let's create your dream kitchen.

Jamie the cabinet nerd,  kitchen design, cabinet design, kitchen layout, space planning, signature service
Jamie the cabinet nerd,  kitchen design, cabinet design, kitchen layout, space planning, signature service
Jamie the cabinet nerd,  kitchen design, cabinet design, kitchen layout, space planning, signature service
Jamie the cabinet nerd,  kitchen design, cabinet design, kitchen layout, space planning, signature service
"Working with Jamie is a breeze. We  are on our 4th project now."

"When I say she makes me look good, I mean she makes me look really good. Kitchen planning is something I'm mediocre at and her in depth knowledge of the industry, and technical advice gives me the freedom to focus on what I do best. "The Beauty". It would cost a fortune in time and dollars to learn all that she knows. If you're doing Remodels or New Construction, you owe it to yourself to schedule a "meet + greet" with Jamie. You won't regret it. She's the "Brightest tool in your toolbox". The process is easy. She listens well, understands the issues and is quick with solutions. You can't afford to not use her."

- Alisa Berry

Interior Designer of Jackson, MI

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Creativity | Collaboration | Customization

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