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About Jamie

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. So that’s what I did.

Delve into the story of The Cabinet Nerd, where every precise measurement and thoughtful design choice stems from Jamie's passion for transforming houses into bespoke homes with kitchens that blend beauty, functionality, and the warm, personal touch every discerning homeowner deserves.

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Jamie the Cabinet Nerd
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Meet your cabinet nerd, Jamie.

Meet Jamie, the heart and mind behind The Cabinet Nerd, where high-quality kitchen design meets unwavering dedication to client aspirations.

With years of experience and a sharp eye for both form and function, Jamie brings an unparalleled level of expertise to every project.


Guided by the philosophy that a kitchen is the heart of the home, she fuses innovative design with personalization to craft spaces that are not just beautiful, but also echo the unique lifestyle of each homeowner.


Her professional approach, enriched with a friendly touch, ensures that your design journey is as fulfilling and transparent as the end result.


Jamie is not just creating kitchens; she's meticulously building the backdrop of your family's cherished memories.

❝From 2012 - 2020 I have measured & designed more kitchens than I can count.❞
Photo of stylish and modern kitchen designed by Jamie the Cabinet Nerd
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From the years 2012 - 2020 I have measured & designed more kitchens than I can count. In doing so, I noticed a pattern; all the kitchens I measured were “designed” to increase the efficiency of the installation crew aka (the builder’s bottom line) instead of being designed for your client’s functionality.

For example, the corner pantry closet that separates the fridge and the cooking area in the above builder grade kitchen is an easy solution. Builders install these to avoid the headaches of corner cabinet design, install and use to name a few.  These corner pantry closets take up and waste valuable kitchen space.

Sure, the pantry closets have some shelves, but they are poorly spaced, are not adjustable and don’t even come out the full depth of the closet. This leaves a lot of function to be desired.

At Harrington Institute of Interior Design, the first rule of cabinetry design I learned was to start in the corners and build out from there. I explained to my homeowners what they would gain by removing the pantry closet. This was a no-brainer design decision.

When I replaced the corner closet with a swing- out base corner cabinet, (see photo on left), this added easy-to-find, easy-to-reach accessibility, an additional 8 sf of usable countertop space AND increased the “turn & step” work flow between the fridge and cooking zones.   

By solving a design challenge with innovative products and 3-dimensional thinking, I hear my homeowner’s gratitude. 

Photo of kitchen cabinets remodeled by Jamie the Cabinet Nerd
❝This is what drives me to space plan kitchens and design cabinetry every day. It's a rewarding & satisfying experience.❞

This is what  drives me to space plan kitchens and design cabinetry every day. It is a rewarding & satisfying experience getting to know my clients, their struggles and the limitations in their current kitchen. I am very grateful to be able to transform their quality of life and day-to-day tasks with something that comes so easily to me.

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It's my soul’s path to be surrounded by beauty, to create and to unite people; especially families.

 While I play an important role in the success of your client's kitchen, you remain the star. I'm here to make you look good, really good.

The Cabinet Nerd's Design Philosophy

Photo of kitchen designed in collaboration with Jamie the Cabinet Nerd
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Client- Centered Approach

Every project is tailored to the individual, ensuring your kitchen is a reflection of you, your tastes, and your lifestyle needs for both today and tomorrow.

Balance of Beauty and Function

Designs that stand the test of time by harmonizing stunning aesthetics with practical functionality, creating spaces that are as usable as they are visually appealing

Quality without Compromise

Utilizing only the highest-caliber materials and the finest workmanship, to deliver a kitchen that not only looks remarkable but endures.

Seamless Integration

A belief that the kitchen should cohesively blend with the rest of your home, creating a seamless transition that enhances both the utility and the enjoyment of your living space.

Tool Box

2020 Design Live Logo


Design software For space planning and visualization  to bring your client’s ideas to life.

mydoma studio logo


For a streamlined process to communicate, pay invoices and manage our design files.

Bellmont Cabinet Co. logo


My go to cabinetry pick and partnership for designing modern custom cabinets.

Rev-a-shelf logo


My go to pick for specifying innovative storage & organizing accessories.


NKBA Cabinetry Specialist Badge

NKBA Cabinetry Specialist

For professional development  and focused knowledge in cabinetry materials, finishes, joinery and storage systems.
MyDoma Contest Winner 2nd Place Winner - Creative Category Badge

MyDoma Contest Winner

2nd Place Winner - Creative Category 

NKBA Floorplans & Specifications Badge

NKBA Floorplans & Specifications

Knowledge in the components found on floor plans and drawings as a NKBA specification specialist.

Monogram Badge

Monogram - Training

2015-2022 attended Monogram Culinary Experience Center

NKBA Outstanding Member  Badge

Outstanding Member 

Recognized as the Outstanding Committee Member from volunteers among NKBA's 71 chapters in America excelling in 2021

Canva Design Expert 200 Designs Milestone Badge

Canva Design Expert

200 Designs Milestone Badge in Canva Software

NKBA Women to Women Confererence Badge

NKBA Women to Women Conf.

An honor & privilege to be hand-selected for the Women 2 Women Inaugural 2022 Leadership Conference.

NKBA Texas North Plains Chapter Logo

Communication Chair @ NKBA

Responsible for communicating the mission of the NKBA, maintaining website & digital media to Chapter Members 

MidContinent Cabinetry Badge

MidContinent Cabinetry

1st Place Winner awarded by the esteemed MC Mid Continent Cabinetry  for  their  Kitchen Remodel Category

Harrington Institute of Interior Design Logo

Interior Design BA, Chicago Illinois

Experienced the art & architecture of Chicago, learned principles of design & hand-drafting. Studied abroad in Paris, France.

Staying up-to-date with kitchen trends, industry advancements & latest in software is a nerdy joy of mine.

Feedback from Past Clients

An important part of working successfully with Jamie the Cabinet Nerd is close collaboration; making sure  all the goals & visions are aligned.

Demi Concept.jpg
Image by Amy Hirschi
Demi Before.jpg
Demi Concept.jpg

"Jamie's very detail oriented, which is great, because this is something you don't want to redo"

"Working with Jamie was fantastic!  She's super nice, listens to all your thoughts, details and what you would like her to accomplish for you. After all the design and layout talk, the conversations start taking shape, then a reality, then your dreams and home comes to life. Jamie is very talented and will think about scenarios and situations you could encounter on a certain design and ask you all the questions to consider before finalizing the design. She's very detail oriented, which is great, because this is something you don't want to redo again, if ever!"

- Demi A.

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Why am I the best designer for your kitchen project?

Choosing the best designer for your kitchen project is an investment in your home and your future. That's where Jamie, your Cabinet Nerd, comes in. With an unwavering commitment to high-quality design and meticulous attention to each minute detail, Jamie is dedicated to above-and-beyond service that ensures your kitchen not just meets, but exceeds your expectations.

With a strong belief that every homeowner deserves a kitchen that is as beautiful as it is functional, Jamie distinguishes herself by creating spaces designed to resonate with your unique lifestyle and tastes. Her precise, professional, yet warm approach means that you're not just investing in a kitchen but a collaborative partnership. By choosing Jamie, you are assured of a handcrafted design journey that skillfully marries aesthetics and utility while always prioritizing your vision. Whether you're an experienced design aficionado or embarking on your first design venture, Jamie is more than your designer; she's an unwavering ally on the road to your dream kitchen.

Jamie the Cabinet Nerd photo
As a degreed kitchen designer, I use smart solutions to create unparalled storage  & function in your client's kitchen.
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