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Embark on a visual journey through The Cabinet Nerd's portfolio, where each image stands as a testament to Jamie's dedication to delivering kitchens that pair bespoke beauty with unparalleled functionality, all tailored to the distinct lifestyles of the discerning homeowners we're privileged to serve.

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Get Inspired

Welcome to The Cabinet Nerd's portfolio, a captivating showcase of concept designs and renderings, each meticulously crafted with 20/20 Design Live Software, to transform your inkling of a dream kitchen into a vivid, tangible vision.

Project Spotlight

Check out these amazing collaborations with my interior design peers.


Alisa | Kitchen Renovation

Alisa is a colorful Interior Designer who works on Residential New Construction & Remodel Projects throughout Jackson, Mississippi. She will present her initial Kitchen Concepts to me after meeting with her homeowners. We have a brief discussion (meet & greet) about the challenges she is facing & what solutions she needs from me (accessories report, cabinet & parts list, color renderings) in order to sell her job to her homeowners. She uploads her drawings, dimensions, inspiration photos, material selections & appliance specs to our Online Project Portal. She & her homeowner complete the Kick Off Questionnaire which dives really deep into the nuggets of information I need to know to elevate her project and make her look GOOD.

Working together

Alisa is my unicorn because she colorful and bold! Also well spoken, knows what she wants due to her experience in design. She respects my time, values my knowledge, is open & flexible to suggestions. Understands the Design Process, is realistic on price & time lines.  She's a great decision maker, fun, funny & easy going. Alisa believes in paying for the value of craftsmanship, having the right solutions for the project & doing it right over doing it fast. She doesn't baulk or negotiate prices. She tells me to charge my worth. And she & her clients pay her bills on time.

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more projects

I value long term relationships with my peers. Check out these projects.

Kitchen Reno

This new construction project will be home to the "Monica Geller" of the development. It is imperative to create a meticulous plan that has easy flow, optimize storage & host 8 people in this 168sf Kitchen.  Capitalizing on 12' ceilings, I designed the majority of cabinets to stack 11'  tall. To break up the heavy feeling, cabinets are 8' tall on the fridge side and fitted with glass on the range side. 


Atkinson Kitchen

The appliances selected in this kitchen are the most important part of the design. What was an accident waiting to happen, is now a family friendly cooking island. Amy's gift for materials & finishes elevated my technical designs. The collaboration between Interior Designer & Cabinet Nerd results in a jaw dropping transformation where we both can use our strengths to help her clients.