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I am always excited to connect with more driven interior design peers. I have a passion for staying cutting edge with our growing kitchen and cabinet industry. Let's collaborate - I'll be the technical geek to make your gorgeously creative designs come to life!

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Not sure what service is right for you? No problem. Book your FREE 20 minute Call with me Today.

I love what I do and connecting with more awesome designers is a passion of mine. 20 minutes could change your business. I help struggling designers get clarity on their kitchen projects. Let me help you elevate your design, fill in the holes of your knowledge or just wow your clients with my cutting edge software and design help.

Call the cabinet nerd.



Take a peek at my Frequently Asked Questions to help you.

  • Q. What is eDesign?
    Remote cabinetry design is about giving you the most options and the best opportunity to find your most ideal talent & technologies suited for your kitchen challenges regardless of your location or mine.
  • Q: What tools do you use?
    Zoom for video conferencing Mydoma Studios for client management 20/20 Design Live for space planning, manufacturer catalogs, photorealistic renderings, 360* panoramas and training NKBA for Professional Development and Research & Insights.
  • Q. How will I be able to communicate with the Jamie?
    This is a concern when working with a remote cabinetry designer because you can't just walk into my office and ask about the details of your project. Hiwever my communication door is open 24/7 thanks to Mydoma. (This doesn't mean that I ,nor you, are accessible 24/7) it simply means, if it's 3 in the morning and you're laying awake with a punch list of details, login to Mydoma and type away.
  • Q. How will I be kept in the loop?
    If you're new to working with a remote cabinetry designer you are concerned about the ability to communicate clearly and concisely. An Important part of working successfully with Jamie the Cabinet Nerd is close collaboration. Joint meetings and constant communication are key to ensuring that your project turns out as you planned. Every week you will receive an project update via Mydoma. Aligning goals and remotely attending meetings are easy ways to avoid miscommunications and to keep you in the loop. don't hesitate to ask questions or voice concerns but definitely don't be afraid to proceed simply based on the fact that your cabinetry designer is working remotely.
  • Q. How long does it take?
    How long does it take to bake a cake? Designing a kitchen is a process. Just like baking a cake, it takes time to go through each design phase. Some phases are faster than others. Some phases you will be sitting and waiting while the cake is baking. The end result though is going to be as we planned from the start.
  • Q. What if I'm not liking the end result?
    Then one of us has not been honest in their communication. If you have honestly & completely answered your Questionnaires and I have honestly & completed researched every potential solution, then the design will be a success. If after 2+ feedback/revision cycles we are not getting closer to an agreed upon final design then I am not your person. It will be best for us to part ways and for you to start the design process over with a different designer.
  • Q. Will you work w/ my budget?
    Mercedes-Benz doesn't negotiate or discount their prices and neither do I. When our numbers align, I will be here & happily work with you.
  • Q. Do you offer a complimentary consultation?
    Absolutely! In n no way do i want you to experience buyer's remorse. There is a lot we can learn about each other in 15-20 minute phone chat. after this complimentary call, regular design fees apply.
  • Q: Do you prepare Construction Documents?
    I failed that class in college ... only because I had not yet taken the prereq class to complete design to be drawn from). No, I do not prepare full sets of workable construction documents. The drawings I provide are dimensioned and noted per NKBA Drawing Standards, however they are for conceptual & estimation purposes only. I am not liable for any errors or omissions made by third party trades if they choose to work from my drawings.
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Email Me

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