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Revamp Your Kitchen Decor and Storage with a Stylish Junk Drawer Makeover


The kitchen serves as the heart of your home, a hub of creativity and daily life. Yet, it's easy for clutter to accumulate, especially in that all-too-common catchall: the junk drawer. Let's address this together, breaking down the process into manageable steps.

kitchen junk drawer storage


Step 1: Embrace the Chaos (Temporarily!)

Start by emptying your entire drawer onto a larger work surface. This might seem overwhelming, but it's the forst step toward reclaiming your space. This gives you a clear opportunity to see everything you have and decide what truly needs to stay.

Personally, I like to turn my kitchen floor into a temporary canvas for this step. It not only gives me ample space to sort but also ensures I finish the task before the dinner rush.

kitchen junk drawer items

Step 2: Sort and Prioritize

As you sift through the items, categorize them. Some things will be essential to keep in the kitchen, while others might belong elsewhere or not at all. This is about making thoughtful decisions on what serves you best.

kitchen junk drawer sorting

Step 3: Crafting Your Drawer's Personal Showcase

Organizing your junk drawer is more than sorting; it’s about creating a functional nook that delights you each time you use it. Jamie, The Cabinet Nerd, suggests investing time to style and arrange your items, not just for efficiency but to add vibrancy to your kitchen decor.

Creating a Visual Ensemble

Consider the visual appeal when arranging your items. Imagine transforming a section of your kitchen into a stylish display that reflects your personality—could floating shelves or a well-organized pantry door offer a glimpse into your organized world?

kitchen junk drawer storage wall shelves with drawer

Strategizing for Easy Access

Prioritization is key in making your space both functional and chic. Decide which frequently used items get prime placement for easy access, and which can be stored more discreetly. Compact storage should maximize space without sacrificing style or function.

checklist for kitchen junk drawer stroage

Tip For Minimizing Clutter

Replace bulky appliance manuals with a single reference sheet listing item names, brands, models, and purchase dates. This tip clears up space and cuts down on paper clutter—just Google the information when necessary.

Curated Selections

Your storage choices should speak to your design sensibilities, whether that's a charming basket or elegant glass jars that act as a countertop centerpiece. Hidden storage compartments can tidy away odds and ends while maintaining your kitchen’s sleek appearance.

stylish kitchen junk drawer display storage, screws in glass jar

Step 4: Clear and Concise Labeling

Embrace creative labeling to maintain this newly minted order. Simple tools like blue tape and a marker can be effective. Decorative labels can be added after your next Target run. For now, let's get this task complete.

kitchen junk drawer storage label

Step 5: Declutter with Purpose

Let go of items you haven't used in the last six months to make room for the essentials. Random leftovers? Consider repurposing or relocating them based on usage patterns or check out unique storage solutions we've highlighted before for those remaining items.

kitchen junk drawer storage, decor and display, wall art

Art Installation

kitchen junk drawer  display and jewelry

Junk Drawer Jewelry

kitchen junk drawer art

Paper Weight

kitchen junk drawer storage, decor and display

Americana Trinket Shelf


With these steps, your kitchen will not only be an inviting space for culinary activities but also a display of personal taste and ingenious organization, The Cabinet Nerd way!

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It...

Share a photo of your triumphant reclaiming of drawer space on Instagram or Facebook. Tag us and sprinkle your post with the hashtag #CabinetNerdConquests. Let's celebrate your creativity, dedication, and fabulous flair for organization together!

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